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Gigs of special: Pulp (lots), Wild Beasts, Slow Club, Summer Camp, Neneh Cherry, Bellowhead, Jon Boden, She Keeps Bees, Aidan Moffat, John Cooper Clarke (15 surprise minutes), Belle and Sebastian, Tuung, Eddi Reader, Suzanne Vega.

Gogglebox addictions (some fleeting.  Honest)  Doctor Who, Greek, Spiral, Being Erica, The Good Wife, Archer, Castle, Fresh Meat, Campus, Nurse Jackie.

Author, author: Sarah Dunant, Margaret Mahy, Margo Lanagan, Stella Duffy.  And always and forever, Pterry.

Theatre dahling: Much Ado about Nothing, Private Lives, Oddsocks.  Hmm, bit rubbish this year. 

Festies: Locals plus, Green Man, Wireless Pulp, Glastonbury, Primavera.  Constellations

Obsession of the year thus far: Abbeydale

Film: bobbins year


Gigs of special: Pulp - Royal Albert,  Slow Club - Sheffield Homecoming in a social club with Francois and the Atlas - love, Magnetic Fields (at last!), Blood Red Shoes

Gogglebox addictions (ahem)  Justified, The Good Wife, Scott & Bailey, Archer and TVD.  Buffy rewatch seasons 5(of Death) and 6 (of sex, drugs  addiction and rock'n'roll), Treme

Author, author: Accountancy test books :( and Elmore Leonard. And Margo Lanagan - she stops my breath.

Theatre dahling: Even more rubbish this year.  Comedy of Errors, 13.  Oddsocks will obv happen eta - glorious tagline: Rome's creaking coalition is under strain as the nation's sporting games is held to honour Emperor Caesar Will the games be an expensive disaster? Will the liberal Senators succeed with their infamous assassination?  Will Caesar's stinking plebs be revolting?   Find out this summer with Oddsocks "Julius Caesar".

Festies: Truncated summer will see No Direction Home, Tramlines and Green Man.

Obsession of the year thus far: Many and various procrastination-bait.  Exams, please may I pass you so I never see again KThanxBye

Film: better year.  Yay - The Artist, Hunger, the 4 M girls, the April of Joss: Cabin in the Woods & Avengers, Two Days in New York
OK - Hunger Games, Mirror Mirror, One for the Money, Fast Girls

Books: Among Us Jo Walton, more Margo Lanagan, everything by Kate Elliott

TV: The Out-laws, Crashing, Happy Valley


Festivals: Bearded Theory, Glastonbury, Tramlines, Green Man

Date: 2011-10-18 06:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
'Fresh Meat' I find both funny and touching, but 'Campus' made me so irate I wanted to set fire to things. Can't win 'em all!


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