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Today has been a joy.  I've spent much of it spontaneously erupting into giggles. 

Stop.  Send back the white coat! It's not that it's all become too much for me.  Rather, a series of happy coincidences have produced a gem of a day.  First, I rolled out of bed to respond to a text alerting me to the fact that David Tennant and Catherine Tate had taken their show on the road.  Or rather, given Jonathan Ross an Easter holiday and today's Doctor Who an extended plug.  Both of these things are unmitigated goodness as far as I'm concerned and they were natural and fun.  Their attempt to host the regular convoluted quiz, involving a frog clock, was particularly worthy of snorting tea through one's nose.

Then, victuals for Easter Sunday were gathered from market and local shops (in an unusually timely way) allowing me to treat myself with a pint of amber nectar and the Guardian in my favourite pub.  Bookended by a book on the bus.  Namely Jeff Vandermeer's Shriek: an Afterword.  This should be read by anyone with siblings as it is one of the most perfect evocations of all the complexity of love and rivalry through the inspired device of a self-absorbed brother annotating the biography of himself and his journals by his equally precocious sister.  The inserted responses of brother to sister's writing, variously barbed and petulant, keep making me involuntarily splutter, triggering those bus glances.   Oh JV, I love thee so.


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